Second Trimester Pregnancy Recap!

It's so crazy to think that in 3 months (or less!) we'll be meeting our baby boy! (I actually wrote this weeks ago and now almost 32 weeks... 8 weeks give or take to go! Eeeek!)

The second trimester has been really easy and wonderful (minus throwing up whenever I brush my tongue, lol, and my god the heartburn) and I'm getting SO EXCITED to meet this little guy!

Most Exciting Moments…

  • Feeling the baby kick for the first time on my 30th birthday (amazing timing!)
  • Peter feeling the baby kick
  • All of the flutters and flops happening whenever I eat or play music
  • Getting stopped in the street and people asking when I'm due
  • Planning (and booking!) our babymoon
  • Getting the nursery (mostly) set up
  • Having the anatomy scan and getting to see the beeb move around for an hour (and in 3D!)

Most Challenging Moment…

The morning of the anatomy scan... I was SO ANXIOUS that something was wrong. Of course he ended up being perfectly healthy, but so many things can go wrong that it's kind of amazing when things go right. Mother nature is cray.

One Thing I’m Proud Of…

How relaxed I've been since the anatomy scan. I'm just letting things happen and it's so unlike me to sit back and relax! Also, I've been reading a lot of books about birth and I'm so glad I'm keeping myself informed of the different options regarding nearly everything about birth and parenthood.

One Thing I Wish Were Different…

I wish I hadn't gotten inundated with the flu/a cold the last month and a half since it's really put a damper on exercising. Now that I'm in the 3rd trimester, I'm really antsy to begin working out again and eating as well as I can. (4 weeks into the 3rd trimester and exercise is still something I strive for, lmao) I'm a staunch believer in good nutrition during pregnancy, and I think exercise can only help when in labor, so it'll be nice to get back into it. Plus it's so good for me and the baby!

Favorite Food…

Still loving cheeseburgers. I have never craved this much red meat in my life, haha! Also, fruit of any kind, a glass of milk every night, and yogurt. And cereal. Honestly, I'm just hungry ALL THE TIME. 

Least Favorite Food…

My aversions are mostly gone now! I still never really want to eat cooked fish though, and lettuce has to be SUPER FRESH otherwise it smells rotten to me, lol.


The heartburn has been surreal! I never knew it could be this bad. I feel for people who suffer from it normally. My hips ache too, but other than that, I feel pretty great. (As I'm writing this, I'm trying not to fall asleep, so the fatigue may be back too. I refuse to admit it though.)

One Thing That Surprised Me…

How much I popped, seemingly overnight. Around week 24 I woke up and my bump was HUGE! I still can't navigate it very well. Also, stretch marks. I was so diligent about oils and lotion and BAM they still showed up, so I feel duped (looking at you, stretch mark prevention oil). 

Things I’m looking forward to in the Third Trimester…

  • Meeting our baby BOY!
  • My baby shower!
  • The hospital tour (I'm switching over to UCLA and their team of midwives, which I'm SO EXCITED ABOUT!)
  • Finishing the nursery
  • The babymoon! 
  • Watching the bump grow bigger and seeing more movement! 

I probably won't update about the third trimester because by then I may have a newborn (what?!) but as I'm sitting here feeling very large and achy, I will say that the second trimester seems to have been the golden era of pregnancy, lol. I am not complaining because for the most part, I feel great and mentally balanced like never before, but the physical strain has been rough! I guess that's what happens when you grow a human. I wouldn't have it any other way though! :)